Our Mission

Morningside United Methodist Church
is called to nurture genuine Christian faith and love
through our identity in Christ, with our unique heritage,
to serve our immediate and greater community, to glorify God.


Morningside UMC is called to nurture

Morningside UMC is dedicated to providing a place of worship and a community that encourages spiritual and interpersonal growth.

genuine Christian faith and love

We emphasize holistic Christian living on a daily basis using the Bible, tradition, experience and reason as our guide. Through critical examination of all aspects of our lives, we challenge ourselves, and one another, to live out authentic Christian faith and love.

through our identity in Christ

With Christ as our foundation we are united in our faith, in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ who commands us to love God and one another.

with our unique heritage

Morningside UMC was founded by first generation Korean Americans for succeeding generations as a Christian community uniquely shaped, enriched, and strengthened by its cultural heritage. Over time, Morningside UMC has evolved to encourage lay participation and welcomes all people.

to serve our immediate and greater community, to glorify God.

We are Christians not only for ourselves but also for the entire world. In response to God’s grace we are compelled to share God’s love through prayer, raising awareness of mercy and justice needs, and action. We seek to serve our neighbors, both near and far, in New York City and the world.