Youth Group

Spiritual Rhythms

We are currently in a series on Spiritual Rhythms. Here are all the past challenges that we’ve had. Feel free to use any or all of them every day as you continue to form good habits and disciplines to grow your faith!


Make a list of three things that you are thankful for. But don’t just say “Thank you God” for them, ask God how you can use what you have to bless others.


Follow this sequence in your prayers. Rather than immediately jump to asking God for things, how can we focus on Him first?
Adoration – Who is God? What are the names that the Bible uses for Him? How can we acknowledge and praise God? Spend some time declaring these things.
Confession – How have we fallen short of God this week? Where have we disobeyed God’s commands? How have we misrepresented God’s love and compassion to others?
Thanksgiving – How can we appreciate the things that we do have? How can we use these to bless others?
Supplication – What do we still need from God? What will help us grow to become more like Jesus? A good grade might make us happy for a short time, but what will bring us joy in the Lord?


Each time you read a passage from the Bible, ask yourself:
1. What does this teach me about God?
2. Why does it matter (to me, to my life, to the world)?
3. What is my response or a next step I can take?


At the end of each day, ask yourself:
1. What sucked and what didn’t about the day?

2. What is one thing I can change or grow in?
3. What are some things I would still like God to do?